How to cook goat meat pepper soup(isi ewu)

In the event that you're exhausted on review your hubby go to Isi ewu joints (diners) with his sidekicks in the midst of the weekends, not to stress, i have the perfect equation with directed pictures on the most capable technique to set up the genuine isi ewu agreeable to smash those courses of action while you take that 2,500k they promptly accommodate the isi ewu merchants. Here's is a verifiable secret; no man both old and energetic can contradict isi ewu.

Isi ewu "Goat head" is a pervasive delicacy which begins from the eastern bit of Nigeria. It resemble nkwobi however to some degree unmistakable as a result of the sort and bit of meat used. It's made with goat head and every last part is agreeable including the psyche. Generally, i buy the medium measured goat head with four legs of the goat for 1000 naira. The head, i generally speaking use for Isi ewu while the legs is typically used for nkwobi as a piece of extension to cow legs. On the off chance that you're obtaining the head alone, you could get it for as low as N500...See, trashy :D. Additionally, it's best eaten with revealed hands with a glass of palm wine by the side.

• Prep Time: 40 minutes

• Cook Time: 45 minutes - a hour

• Serves: 3 people


• 1 medium assessed Goat head

• 4 Seasoning 3D shapes

• 2 Ehuru seeds "Monodora myristica"(Calabash Nutmeg)

• 8 Cooking spoons palm oil

• 1 little assessed Edible Potash(akaun/kanwa)/1 tbsp. ground potash

• 2 tbsp. Ground crayfish

• 2 Fresh red scotch top pepper/2 tbsp. Ground bean stew pepper

• Salt (To taste)

• 1 holder Ugba (generally called Ukpaka)

• Water

For Garnish:::

•1 Medium assessed Onion

•10 Utazi leaves (Gongronema latifolium)


Before prepare Isi ewu you have to set up the fixings. Here's the best approach to do it.

(an) Ehuru/Ehu seeds: This is the thing that gives the dish its substantial neighborhood enhance. It can't be substituted for the conventional Nutmeg. To make it easy to remove from the shell, it could either be compartment seared or cooked in start shooting

.• Pan cook: Place the ehuru seeds on an unfilled dry compartment and leave to warm while heaving periodically on dry warmth till you hear it let some circulation into. Peel the skin and place the peeled ehuru in a mortar. Pound and set aside

•Open fire sear: Place the ehuru seeds on a dry burner on medium warmth. leave for quite a while till it sears. Let some circulation into and put the peeled ehuru in a mortar. Pound and set aside

(b). Potash: This is the one of a kind settling that reveals the palmoil Curdle and change shading. To prepare, put the powdered potash in a dish. Incorporate some water and blend. What you need is the liquid and not the store. Essentially mix and set aside. A differentiating alternative to potash is Ngu which is more Local than potash however its exceptionally remarkable and is generally found in remote areas.

(c) Utazi leaves: Utazi is Used as a trimming for this devour. It has a Bitter taste and gives the dish a splendid Bitter flavor. It's Used sparingly however since a considerable number individuals can't stand the extreme taste. To arrange, wash and hack - Set aside

(d) Ugba: Usually, isi ewu in solitude is magnificent yet when oil bean seed "Ugba" is incorporated, it ends up being simply mouth watering in view of the additional flavor it gives the dish. To arrange, wash the ugba with clean water and set aside

(e) Onions: This is Usually used as a Garnish and is eaten rough. To prepare, wash and cut the onion into rings - Set aside.

Game plan:::

Step 1: Before prepare Isi ewu you have to note that it's difficult to cut up Goat head before cooking so it's regularly cooked first to make it less requesting for the parts to be torn isolated later on and sauced.

Goat head is typically particularly muddled when you buy it so you have to require some speculation to clean it suitably. To do this, you get another to a great degree sharp edge and rub the outer part of the goat head really. By then, you cut open the sides of the mouth of the goat head. This makes it less requesting to pull the jaws isolated revealing the tongue and other interior parts of the head. Scratch the tongue in like manner with the bleeding edge to remove the extra dinner abandoned before the goat was killed. Retain the head salted breaking point water for around 20 minutes and wash honest to goodness with clean water guaranteeing you focus on the teeth, tongue, ears and each other part of the head. Use another iron wipe if fundamental.

Step 2: Place the washed head in a pot Add some cut onion, 2 seasoning 3D squares and salt to taste. Cook for around 30-45 minutes till it gets fragile. Guarantee the liquid left in the pot is immaterial and concentrated to ensure the enhancing gets into the skull. At the point when it's fittingly done, you ought to just press the skin off the head and it will tumble off viably revealing the skull - Set this aside

Oust the skin, ears and tongue from the head, slice into more diminutive pieces set aside. With a cutlass or hammer, break the skull, oust the cerebrum and set aside additionally. it should be whole and set up in the wake of being flooded with the skull. You could pound the psyche into a smooth paste or hack it into more diminutive pieces...the choice is yours.

Step 3: In a Medium assessed pot/dish, Heat the palm oil till it gets a modest piece hot (Not colored). Delicately sifter in the crumbled potash liquid guaranteeing you don't pour in the store. Ensure there are no knocks in the mix by blending totally.

Step 4: Keep blending till the Oil Turns splendid yellow and thickens.

Step 5: Add the ground ehuru, Pepper, Crayfish to the sauce and mix.

Step 6: Gently incorporate the Ugba, pour the cooked goat head hacks into the sauce (with the meat stock and brain). Mix extraordinary and recognize the pot on the Burner and allow the mix to stew for around 10 minutes

Step 7: Dish Out into the standard Isi ewu bowl and fixing with the cut onion rings and Utazi gets out.

Serve as a goody with a Chilled drink or a glass of palmwine. Make an effort not to be meek to make a plunge with your uncovered hands.