14 Cool Smartphone Camera Tricks You Should Know

Back in the early aughts, there was a pestering trepidation in the zeitgeist that a coming "telephone cam" tidal wave would wipe away what worn out shreds of affability we had cleared out. Surprisingly, those doomsayer calls were to some degree insightful—at any rate in the feeling of how everything would soon change.

This shouldn't imply that that what came a short time later was fundamentally more terrible. Of course, there have been rates of our portable "cams" prompting to gross attacks of security, yet general I would contend that camera telephones have enhanced our lives.

On account of our portable contraptions, we as a whole have the ability to catch, share, and get to pictures and video from around the globe promptly. It has changed the way we convey what needs be (images and the ascent of #selfie culture), eat (it's not a supper unless it's been on Instagram), and even the way we make with the nookie (there without a doubt is a workmanship to sexting).

At this moment, individuals are strolling around with super intense advanced cameras in their pockets, permitting them to shaft their POV to whatever is left of the world promptly—all super hivemind style, dialect hindrances be cursed. That is somewhat astounding looking at the situation objectively.

As far as concerns its, people in general has energetically disregarded any security concerns it might have once had and figured out how to grasp portable photography. What's more, contraption producers have reacted with better and always competent advanced cameras. Odds are, you're not in any case exploiting all the cool things your telephone's camera can do. Look at our slideshow for 14 genuinely stunning (and in addition a couple of silly) cell phone camera traps.