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How to Cook Nigerian Beef & Chicken Stew

Nigerian Beef and Chicken Stew is none other than Tomato Stew with included fixings. In spite of the fact that it is called Beef and Chicken Stew, don't hesitate to utilize Turkey, Fish and different types of meat and fish for this Nigerian stew.

It is normal to set up this stew in expansive amounts and store in the cooler for up to a month. This is on the grounds that most Nigerian staple sustenances can be cooked/bubbled/seared and eaten with this stew:

Rice: Nigerian Beef and Chicken Stew is the absolute most well known sauce when eating bubbled white rice.

Plantain: It is not uncommon for Nigerian Beef and Chicken to go with Fried Plantain or Boiled Plantain.

Beans: Beans can be cooked plain and eaten with this Nigerian stew.

Yam: You can draw out the best in the yam staple by eating it with the meat and chicken stew. Bubbled Yam and Fried Yam run truly well with this stew.

Nigerian Beef and Chicken Stew is normally a precarious Nigerian stew to get ready. On the off chance that it is not sharp or boring, it is singed or too slick. Not to stress, simply take after the means beneath and you will figure out how to make the best Nigerian Beef and Chicken Stew.

Elements for Nigerian Beef and Chicken Stew 

  • Tomato Stew 
  • Entire Chicken (hen) 
  • Meat 
  • Onions 
  • Habanero Pepper and Salt (to taste) 
  • Stock 3D shapes and Thyme 

You ought to attempt and match the amounts of fixings above to the amount of the tomato stew you need to get ready. As a guide, here are the amounts of fixings I utilized for the Beef and Chicken Stew in the video underneath:

  • 1.5kg new Plum Tomatoes (alluded to as Jos Tomatoes in Nigeria) 
  • 600g tinned tomato glue (or watery tinned Tomato Puree: 1.2kg) 
  • Vegetable Oil: a liberal sum (see this video) 
  • 1.2kg entire chicken (hen) 
  • 15 medium cuts of hamburger 
  • 2-3 medium onions 
  • Habanero Pepper and Salt (to taste) 
  • 3 major stock shapes 
  • 2 tablespoons thyme 

Vital notes on the fixings 

Chicken: Hen (female chicken) is more delectable than the cockerel or chicken so it is my favored chicken when cooking all my Nigerian formulas. Furthermore, I incline toward entire chicken in light of the fact that each of the distinctive parts of the chicken (wings, drumsticks, hips and so on) has its own particular one of a kind taste and all these together makes the stew (and infact all you're cooking) taste superior to on the off chance that you utilize just a single some portion of a chicken eg all drumsticks.

Tomato Stew is new puree tomato and the tinned tomato glue that has been bubbled and fricasseed to expel all hints of water and the sharp taste of tomatoes. It is the base for the Nigerian Beef and Chicken Stew.

Before you cook Nigerian Beef and Chicken Stew 

  • Crush/Blend the bean stew pepper and cut the onions into little pieces. 
  • Begin setting up the tomato stew by taking after the means at: How to Prepare Tomato Stew 
  • Cut up the chicken and cook with half of the cleaved onions, stock solid shapes and thyme. At the point when the chicken is practically done, include the hamburger and cook till well done. At that point include salt, permit to stew for around 5 minutes, exchange to a strainer to deplete. Flame broil or sear the chicken and meat. This is discretionary however it gives them a rich brilliant look. 

Notes about cooking the chicken: 

  • Add water up to the level of the substance of the pot when cooking the chicken. 

  • When cooking chicken, I don't add salt to the crude chicken. This is on the grounds that salt shuts the pores of the chicken (and infact anything you are cooking), this keeps the regular kind of the chicken from turning out into the encompassing water and keeps the flavoring from entering the chicken to enhance the taste. The outcome is that your chicken stock won't have a rich characteristic taste. It will just have an artifical taste of flavoring. 
  • Salt likewise solidifies the chicken consequently it takes more time to cook. 
  • I just include salt when the chicken is finished. Many people feel that including salt early improves the chicken taste however there's a major distinction between a salty taste and a rich taste. I trust that what gives nourishment a rich taste is not salt but rather the normal kind of the sustenance so enable this characteristic flavor to turn out into your stock by NOT including salt too soon. What's more, recollect, stock shapes as of now contain salt so you truly needn't bother with more salt. 
  • I don't utilize curry powder to season my chicken (or hamburger) essentially on the grounds that as I would see it, curry powder surpasses the essence of any sustenance it is cooked with (aside from Fried Rice) and makes the nourishment taste so manufactured. Be that as it may, if its all the same to you it, don't hesitate to utilize it as flavoring for your meat or chicken. 

Cooking Directions 

  • When you are glad that the tomatoes in your tomato stew are very much browned, spill out the abundance oil as I did in the video beneath. 
  • Put the pot of tomato stew back on the stove and include the chicken stock (water from cooking the chicken). There might be small bits of bones at the base so be mindful so as not to include those. 
  • Include the bean stew pepper and the flame broiled chicken and hamburger. Blend exceptionally well and include salt if vital. You can likewise include some water now if the stew is too thick. 
  • Cover the pot and cook at medium warmth till the substance of the pot is very much steamed. Blend again and you are finished. 
  • That is the way to set up the best Nigerian Beef and Chicken stew. 
  • Utilize the hamburger and chicken stew to eat White Rice, Fried Plantain, Boiled Plantain, Fried Yam, Boiled yam and Agidi. A few people even add it to their Egusi Soup!