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How to make tuwo shinkafa (Rice Fufu)

Tuwo Shinkafa is a northern Nigerian fufu formula that is set up with the delicate rice assortment. It is generally presented with Northern Nigerian soups: Miyan Kuka, Miyan Taushe and so on. It additionally runs well with other Nigerian soups.

The rice utilized for Tuwo Shinkafa ought to be the a delicate rice assortment that ends up noticeably sticky when cooked. This is so that the grains can be effortlessly squashed to make a mass of fufu (tuwo).


  • Short/Medium grain delicate rice
  • Water (enough amount to cook the rice till delicate and sticky)
  • Before you make the Tuwo Shinkafa
  • Flush the rice in frosty water and put in a sizeable pot.
  • Pour simply enough water to cover the rice and begin cooking at medium warmth.
  • At the point when the main dosage of water goes away, check the rice by crushing it between your fingers. On the off chance that the rice grains have even a minor resistance when you squeeze them, then it should be cooked some more.
  • Diminish the warmth to low, include a tiny bit more water and keep cooking till the water dries.
  • Rehash the procedure till the rice is soft to the point that it softens when you press on it.
  • Once you're upbeat, crush the rice with a wooden spatula by moving the rice in little amounts from the most distant end of the pot to your side of the pot.
  • Crease the hill of tuwo and rehash till all the rice grains have transformed into a mass of tuwo
  • Cover and abandon it to steam for around 2 minutes.
  • Blend completely and dish serving amounts onto a thin plastic film and wrap them up. This wrapping keeps the tuwo from going away.
You can likewise serve them in littler balls as appeared in the picture above. Serve Tuwo Shinkafa with any Nigerian soup. I adore eating it with Okra Soup.

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