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how to prepare Beef Skewers

Hamburger Skewers are simple nibble formulas to make. Some call it Beef Kebabs or just Stick Meat.
This is likewise one of the best snacks to engage your visitors with.

Elements for Beef Skewers 

The accompanying are the fixings I use to make my Beef Skewers. Don't hesitate to utilize any vegetables you like. The point is to make your hamburger sticks look bright. So utilize vegetables with differentiating hues. For example you can utilize red ringer peppers rather than tomatoes. Be that as it may, whatever you do, please incorporate onions since it tastes great with the broiled hamburger. 

  • 300g of Best Cut Beef 
  • 1 medium Green Bell Pepper 
  • 2 medium plum tomatoes (Tomato Jos) 
  • 1 extensive Onion 
  • 1-2 Stock 3D shapes (Maggi/Knorr) 
  • 1 teaspoon thyme 
  • Salt and dry pepper (to taste) 
  • Apparatus you'll require - wooden hamburger sticks/sticks 

Before you Make the Beef Skewers 

  • Marinate the meat 
  • Cut the meat into little rectangular cuboids and place them in a bowl. 
  • Include the thyme, pepper and stock 3D shapes. 
  • Blend everything by hand, rubbing the flavoring into the meat. 
  • Whenever done, cover and place in the ice chest to marinate for around 60 minutes. 

Get ready different fixings 

  • Wash every one of the vegetables and expel the seeds from the green ringer pepper and tomatoes. 
  • Cut the vegetables into medium rectangles and put these aside (see video). 

Making the Beef Skewers 

  • After around 60 minutes, draw out the marinated hamburger and place in a pot. Include a couple drops of water to help with the stewing, cover and begin cooking at medium warmth. 
  • Once the underside turns pale, flip the meat pieces to cook the top side too. You don't have to do this on the off chance that you are cooking a full pot of meat. 
  • At the point when the top side turns pale, flip the meat pieces on some other sides that are as yet red, cook these till all the hamburger looks pale. 
  • Presently, begin mixing the hamburger always till all the water is consumed. You would prefer not to lose any flavor by pouring without end the hamburger stock. Add salt to taste and put this aside. 
  • In an alternate pot, warm some vegetable oil. You require no less than a profundity of 3 crawls of vegetable oil. 
  • Whenever hot, broil the meat pieces till dark colored and dry. Keep in mind to blend always while broiling so the pieces will darker equally. 
  • Whenever done, put the meat pieces in a strainer fixed with paper towels and leave to cool. 
  • Whenever cool, string the browned hamburger and vegetables in a steady progression onto the meat sticks. The way you join the meat and vegetables is altogether up to you however ensure the last item looks bright and tantalizing. 
  • You are finished! Present with a chilled drink.