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How to prepare Curry "Gravy"

Curry Gravy is one of the most straightforward and fastest sauces to get ready. It is the ideal match for Boiled Yam and Boiled Potatoes.

In spite of the fact that this does not look anything like a conventional sauce, it is the thing that we called it in my home when I was growing up.


  • 3 plum tomatoes 
  • 1 medium onion 
  • 1 medium green ringer pepper 
  • 1 teaspoon curry powder (Nigerian curry powder) 
  • 1 major stock block 
  • Ground pepper and salt (to taste) 
  • 1 cooking spoon vegetable oil (for singing) 

Before you make the sauce: 

  • Wash all vegetables. 
  • Cut the onions into thin quarter cuts. 
  • Expel the seeds from the tomatoes and cut them in an indistinguishable way from the onions. 
  • Cut the green pepper into minor pieces. 

Cooking Directions 

  • Empty the vegetable oil into a spotless dry pot and let it warm up. 
  • Include the onions and broil for around 2 minutes. 
  • Include the tomatoes and broil for an additional 2 minutes. 
  • Include the green pepper and mix for about a large portion of a moment. 
  • Pulverize the stock 3D square and add to whatever remains of the fixings. 
  • Include ground pepper, curry powder and salt to taste. Mix exceptionally well and include a couple drops of water. 
  • Cover and leave to stew for one moment. That is it! 
  • Curry sauce is ideal for bubbled potatoes (Irish or sweet potatoes) and Boiled White Yam.