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HYow to cook ji mmanu (Special Palm Oil Yam)

Ji Mmanu is essentially bubbled yam presented with palm oil. Some pepper and ukpaka might be added to the oil yet for the most part, it is just palm oil and salt.

This one is arranged exceptionally for Easter.


  • 800g white puna yam
  • 100g salted spread
  • 200g green verdant vegetable. Best are:
  • Spinach
  • Cultivate egg takes off
  • 1 onion
  • 1 habanero or scotch hood pepper
  • Palm oil (to your loving)
  • Salt to taste (discretionary)

Notes on the fixings 

  • In the case of utilizing unsalted spread, include salt. In the case of utilizing salted spread, the salt from it is sufficient for the expressed amount of yam.
  • This formula accept that you have washed every one of the fixings altogether before utilizing them.

Before you cook 

  • De-seed and cut the habanero pepper into minor pieces.
  • Cut around 3 leaves of the spinach or garden egg leaves into exceptionally little pieces.\
  • On the off chance that your palm oil is solidified, soften it. Try not to warmth it up, simply soften it.


  • Peel and cut the white puna yam into little pieces.
  • Wash them and put in a pot.
  • Pour water to simply under the level of the yams. The arrangement is to have only a little amount of water left in the pot when the bits of yam are all around cooked.
  • Include pieces of onion. I need to have onion season in the feast yet I would prefer not to have bits of onions in there that is the reason I utilize lumps here.
  • Include salted margarine. On the off chance that you utilize unsalted margarine then you should include salt when the substance bubble.
  • Cover and begin cooking on high warmth.
  • After around 20 minutes, the yam ought to be very much cooked with a little measure of water left in it. Expel the pieces of onion, kill the warmth and put the pot aside for the yams to chill off a bit.
  • Squash the yam with a potato masher or any utensil that can carry out the employment. You can utilize a pestle yet don't squash it into a smooth glue like beat yam.
  • In the wake of utilizing the potato masher, line it up with a spatula. The spatula makes the mixture smoother. Try not to be enticed to include more water since this is not beat yam. You need the yam pounded yet it ought to at present have the surface of a bubbled bit of yam.
  • At the point when the mixture turns into a smooth, utilize a frozen yogurt spoon to make bundles of the batter.
  • Put the scoops of yam on a bed of spinach or garden egg takes off.
  • Sprinkle the pepper and pour the palm oil over the bundles of yam. Spread the little bits of spinach on top for impacts.
  • Present with a chilled drink.