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How to make Peak Choco-Banana Smoothie

   From era to era, it has been passed down that drain is beneficial for you. What's more, none does your body more great than Nigeria's unique dairy mark, Peak Milk. While Peak Milk produces more grounded bones and more honed personalities, it does significantly more for you and you can do significantly more with Peak.

   For example, you're supporting and delightful Peak Milk can go from only a fundamental breakfast supplement to a regular dinner part with a few unique formulas like the ones we're going to impart to you.

   Envision coordinating all that wholesome goodness into your ordinary dinners? Really, don't envision, simply "accomplish more with Peak" and make supper time all the more energizing and sound!

So tail us on this energizing trip of how Peak Can Do More, or basically – Pecadomo; as we share these top notch and energizing formulas you can make utilizing Peak Milk!

   So you cherish chocolate; and you adore bananas as well. Ever ponder what enhance they'd make in the event that you combined them? Well now you can discover, and make fervor in your kitchen and your stomach… Everything is better with Peak Milk, Pecadomo.

So here's the means by which to make our Choco-Banana smoothie, the fixings beneath are all you'll require: 

  • Crisp Chopped Bananas 
  • Sachets Peak Choco Chocolate Milk (22gram) 
  • Tins Peak Evaporated Milk 
  • Nectar or Brown Sugar (to taste) 
  • Ice Cubes 

Once you've gotten your fixings, all you must do is toss them into your blender and mix for a couple of minutes on rapid until you get a smooth, rich wrap up.

In the wake of mixing, just fill a glass and appreciate the smooth rich taste of a Peak Choco-Banana Smoothie.