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How to prepare Nigerian Coconut Candy

There are many snacks/pastries alluded to as coconut confection however the sweet chewy Coconut Candy talked about here is the one we make in Nigeria. Despite the fact that some work goes to grinding the crisp coconut meat into little pieces, the nibble itself is exceptionally easy to make.


  • 1 head crisp coconut with the juice 

  • 200g icing sugar (powdered sugar) 

  • Water 

Before you make the Nigerian Coconut Candy 

  • Break the coconut, making a point to gather the coconut juice from it. 
  • Expel the meat from the shells and mesh the meat into little pieces. I utilize the littler openings on this grater for this undertaking. Make a point to grind along the meat of the coconut instead of crosswise over it. This is with the goal that you'll have long thin coconut pieces as opposed to a mass of ground coconut. 


  • Empty the coconut juice into the pot. 
  • Include the icing sugar (powdered sugar). Mix. 
  • Include the minor coconut pieces and mix. 
  • Add water to an indistinguishable level from the coconut pieces. 
  • Cover the pot and set to bubble at high warmth. 
  • Once the substance begin bubbling, mix ceaselessly till all the water is just about dissipated. 
  • Diminish to low warmth and keep blending. 
  • At once, you will see that the substance have begun staying together. That is the sugar caramelizing. 
  • Continue mixing till the coconut pieces begin turning marginally dark colored. 
  • Kill the warmth and scoop the extremely hot coconut confection onto a level plate and leave to chill off. 


  • The coconut confection ought to be sticky when icy. It ought not be dry. 
  • You can store it in the cooler for up to a month. 
  • This should be a sweet nibble that is the reason all that sugar is utilized as a part of the planning however don't hesitate to lessen the amount of sugar. 
  • The caramel from the sugar can be difficult to wash off the pot when it has chilled off. The most ideal approach to wash this off extremely high temp water when you are finished with making the nibble. 
  • When frosty, you can fill in as sweet or eat it as a nibble.