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19 Stylish Ways To Keep the Love Going

Sometimes in every relationship, we do get lost thinking of something special to do for our partner especially when the goings get a little bit tough. At times, your relationship becomes moody and somehow boring and you don’t know what to do. But the truth is that you can do something quick to spark off the fire that was once burning in your relationship. Most of the list I will be highlighting here and now can be expressed on important events like your spouse birthday, Valentine’s Day, Christmas day or any other important day you can think of. This does not mean you can’t express these on any other days. You can.

Below are some extremely good suggestions and thoughts of a few unique actions that you can take to help preserve the burning love in your relationship.

1.       If you love someone, there are reasons for you loving them. Feel free to provide your loved one a top listing of why you love them something like this could be better- Top Ten reasons Why i love You.Something done like this on a birthday can greatly be appealing and romantic or what do you think?

2.       I usually tell people that small good deeds done in our relationship matters a lot and not until you change that moody and annoying screen-saver on your computer or mobile device to something better like You are the reason for my existence. Deeds done this way make your partner feel cherished and loved.

3.       Everyone likes surprises and that also includes your partner. To surprise him or her, stick an "i really like You" notice on his or her steering wheel. You can buy a sticker from an accessory store with that inscription.

4.       Give her the top of a couple of your pajamas on a chilly night time.

5.       Consider writing a short love romantic poem for her.

6.       Cakes also symbolize love and peace. You can do that and incorporate special "i love You" messages.

7.       Flowers also mean a lot in a relationship. Get her some rose flower reminding her of how you met from the beginning..

8.       Get him that special gift that he cherishes so much. It could be a golf ball or something else. Just find out.

9.       Another surprise package of keeping your relationship burning is learning how to say I love you in exceptional languages. You can ask someone to lecture you on this or better still use the internet- google to be precise.

10.   Bring back good old memories of where you met and where you had your first date. To crown it all up, try going back to that same place.

11.   What is the best compliment you like giving to your partner? Try putting it in a frame and then place it on the wall for visibility.

12.   When everyone had gone to bed, you both should take a walk around your vicinity.

13.   Sing out the favorite love poem that you both once composed.

14.   Stories are not meaningless. Read the tale of Romeo and Juliet to each other in few occasions.

15.   If you have a bicycle, consider riding together on a Saturday morning.

16.   Early in the morning, play the song your partner loves best.

17.   Consider buying a copy of your partner’s favorite magazine.

18.   Try a love puzzle game on your partner. Consider writing a love letter in a coded style.

19.   Provide him or her T-shirt with an inscription of their pet name on it.

Am sure you’ve learnt one or two things from this article. Do well to drop your thoughts on this and don’t forget that sharing is caring.