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20 Guaranteed Strategies for Overcoming Life Challenges



Have you ever been so down? Have you ever been disappointed by someone you love? Have you ever been depressed and so bitter that everything in your life is just problem?

You may feel exhausted deep inside you, you may feel like you can’t go on anymore. Yes, these feelings are normal to some extent. You don’t have to be bitter while facing challenges. I say this always- “Challenges are part of life, Success is part of life, Sadness is part of life; all these are part of life.”

So, when all life seems to offer you are challenges just keep it in mind that the good days are coming.

The all time Champions / Heroes faced their challenges squarely, overcame and now the Products of who they are perceived to be today.

Here are 20 proven ways of overcoming life challenges:

1. Put a smile on your face always.

2. Have a positive attitude towards life.

3. See challenges as a stepping stone to the top.

3. Be focussed and remove all distractions.

4. Develop a winner mindset.

5. Distant yourself from bad companies.

6. Believe in yourself.

7. Avoid self-pity and refuse to be pitied by people.

8. Believe that God is putting things in order for you.

9. Spend great time with family and friends.

10. Stay calm always and meditate on God’s word.

11. Create a quiet time away from every disturbance.

12. Don’t always expect good things to come knocking at your door, you’ve got to stand on your feet and walk your way to the door.

13. Drink from good books; read about other people who overcame challenges and learn from them.

14. Ensure you groom your talent to bring out the best of your dreams.

15. Chase what you love doing and what you have passion for. Passion is the fuel that keeps you going through challenges.

16. Don’t accept loss, only accept victory.

17. If you feel pain, don’t fight it. If you feel like crying, don’t fight it. Cry all you like but, don’t let that disturb you. Get on your feet and start moving again.

18. Don’t look at challenges negatively. View it with a positive mindset.

A Man once spent nearly 30 minutes at a park waiting to get a cab.

People around him started whining; getting disturbed about difficulty and stress over waiting so long to board a bus. What could possibly be the problem? Everyone wonders.

The Man being positive, quickly sees an opportunity in the problem. “Starting up a transportation business is just the best solution” he affirmed to himself. He sees an opportunity in the challenge because of his positive attitude.

19. Don’t give up, try again! You may stumble and fall, but ensure you rise.

Nobody is gonna lift you up. So,


20. Believe that, what’s inside you is greater than any challenges.

Stay motivated!

See you at the top!