Cloudy and Sunny Skies---CHAPTER TWO

It was so early in the morning when Paul phone ringed. 
"Hello Paul, it is me your elder brother"
"Oh, (They exchanged greeting) 
"Your attention is needed here at Mom's place". Said Paul's Elder Brother.

Paul quickly take his bath and bid his wife and Jenny farewell. 

When Paul arrived at his Mom's place, he was told his Mom had died, he wept sorrowfully and broke the news to his wife also who was surprised, before Paul left, arrangement were made and the burial date was choosen by the family members. 

Jenny has left home to work before Paul called Gloria for the news. When she came back the news was broken to her and she was told she won't be going with them to the burial because of her work. 

Jenny have being having a great day now, there was a guy who came to buy something from where she works, she has being noticing the way he looks at her but she just didn't care about it, in fact, she don't really like relating with guys.

This shy guy who use to look at her was dared by his friends to walk up to Jenny to ask her name. 

"Hi, I am Jim"
"What is your name?"
"I am Jenny, how may I help you?"
" Hum, I just wanted to know your name", Said Jim. 

Jim belonged to the Jackson's family, a family of three, Mr Jackson, Mrs Jackson and Jim. A poor family who is trying to survive the economy crisis in the country, Mr Jackson is an electrician, while Mrs Jackson does not work. he works anywhere, he does any jobs he sees so as just to feed himself and assist the family. 

Jim walks back to meet his friends, those steps he took as he turned his back at Jenny were the longest step he ever took, he walked away feeling embarrassed and feeling a sense of accomplishment. 

"Jim, you have to work on your shyness with girls, it will make you loose chances with girls", Said Daniel, Jim's friend.

Jim also felt sorry for himself because there are many times he had loose great chances with Ladies whom he love, so he asked Daniel, "Can you teach me how to conquer it" Daniel volunteered to help him,
Each day, Jim would come over to Daniel's house, They would laugh and crack jokes and at the same time, Daniel would hint Jim how to stop feeling shy with girls. 

Jim decided to put some of his new learnt trick into practice, Daniel and him went to a public restaurant, he sits down with his glass of wine pretending to be looking cool. 
He noticed a Lady sitting alone seems to be expecting no one, the lady ordered for food and drinks. Jim decided it is high time he make a move. 
He get up and walks to her like a well trained cassanova even though his heart beat was beating faster as he approaches her. 

"Hi Lady, Are you waiting for someone?"
The girl replied, "No"
"Can I have a seat?"
"Of course", The girl said with a slight smile on her face.

Jim initiated some conversation with her, even though he felt shy at first, the shyness disappeared as soon as the conversation started flowing. 

Daniel was at a corner of the restaurant watching Jim as he charms the young lady. Jim bid the girl farewell, actually he didn't even remember to collect her mobile number, Daniel asked him, "Did you collect her digits?", Jim said, "I don't really like the girl, but, there is someone else I like".

Paul and Gloria were already preparing for the journey to Paul's village for the burial ceremony of his mother which is coming up the following day.
Jenny is just coming back from work, she entered and greeted her mum and dad, which they also replied her 
"My daughter welcome, hope today's work was not stressful?", 
"No, Mummy", Jenny said as she embrace her Dad.

It was time for dinner in the Smith house, Gloria served everyone and called for Jenny in her room. 
"I'm coming Mom",Jenny said. She entered, then, She sat with her mom and dad at the dinning table eating the yummy food, Juice was served also by Gloria and they ate to their satisfaction. 

Daniel was home alone and bored, so he decided to visit Jim, He arrived at Jim's house and they greeted one another.

Jim brought *Naija Whot*, he shuffled the cards and distributed to himself and Daniel, as there were playing.Daniel said, 
"Jim, I want to know the girl you said you love". Jim smiled and tell him not to bother about it yet."I want to make it a surprise for you by the time I start talking to her". Jim said as he play his last card.

Jim decided to go over to the restaurant the following day, but, he is not inviting his friends. 

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