7 Key Things To Consider Before Hiring A DJ For Your Wedding Occasion

Everyone goes to wedding ceremonies at one time or the other and there, we all dance to the beats of the sounds of music coming out from the musical instruments of the DJ. Now to you who attended the ceremony, it’s like wow! This DJ is excellent. And you do hope to have that same great DJ come play in your own wedding ceremony.

But I must say that there are few things you ought to know and consider first. Please keep reading.

Choosing music stimulation can apparently be the most imperative and important booking made for your wedding. You know why? The visitors at the occasion would always talk about this important aspect. If the beats coming from the DJ aren’t too good or poor, they will talk about it. If it is great, they will also talk about the wonderful dance steps they all had. So how best you put your effort in this will greatly determine the glamour and beauty of that day. Above all, let what you pay also go a long way in giving you joy and satisfaction later on.

Nonetheless, I will like to open your eyes, the intending couples who wish to get married soon, on things to note and consider before hiring a DJ to play on your wedding day.

Keep reading and you will see the 9 key factors to consider before and when hiring a DJ. I hope you don’t make the mistake of not following this guide. Am sure you won’t.

1.      Know the DJ in person

Most DJ organizations are a multi-framework operation. That is they have so many DJ’s who can be sent to go and make the ceremony lively. When you go to these organizations and a DJ has been assigned to play for you, it’s important that you request for a signed letter to that effect. In most cases the DJ that comes to your occasion may not be the one that was assigned to you and that looks odd. I suggest that you meet up with the DJ that has been assigned to you by these organizations.

2.      Get to know the experience of the DJ

Anyone can become a DJ all of a sudden. With the occasion you would be holding, is it going to be handled by a DJ with just 1 month experience or the DJ with close to 3 years experience? Anybody can put on a show to be a DJ, but experience also matters. Am sure you wouldn’t want to be disappointed on the D-day. In the event, an experience DJ can be able to compose and organize songs for a wedding reception. The experience DJ can be able to understand the kind of song that can move people in a particular scene. So, knowing the experience of the DJ been assigned to you is very important. You can get more details from the organizations and even people that have once invited him for a show.

3.       Can the DJ get the hall lively?

The problem isn’t about hiring a DJ; it’s about getting a positive result for what you paid for. You need to know if the DJ is capable of getting the hall lively and not making it dull with his mood or attitude. Does he just play music or does he also get the people dancing and happy? A good DJ should be able to get the crowd merry and get them dancing away their sorrows and that is where experience comes to play. If your occasion is not graced with cheerful and happy crowd, of what use is it then hiring a DJ?

4.      How does the appearance look?  

Most persons think that the qualification of a DJ lies in the rugged dressing and appearance of the DJ, but this is not quiet true. In fact, a DJ is suppose to be neat dressed, brushed hair, simple clothes and nice shoe, he can even put on the organization shirt. If your DJ is so roughly dressed and looks so rugged, it will signal a bad report to the crowd. And beside that, you will also gain respect from the crowd for inviting such a cute, simple and great DJ to your occasion.

5.      Consider the charge of the DJ  

No one would want to spend all to hire a DJ, you still need to consider some other things that will get the occasion going. So when hiring a DJ, get all details about his service. Are you going to pay for transport? Is there any charge for over-time? Are you going to pay for the lighting and fuel? Or are you just paying for the DJ’s performance? Getting all these details and more if possible will enable you plan well in terms of managing your finance.

6.       What is the DJ’s Organization reputation

This may seem senseless and pointless to you, but it matters a lot. If the organization has a bad and tarnished reputation, it will surely have effect on the DJ as well. You need to get more information about the organization from people around. If people do complain about their services and bad reputation, then you should know and probably look else where. Sometimes you also need to consider if the organization is a registered one, which will give you full assurance that your contract with them is sealed and safe.

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7.      Consider the equipment to be used

Sometimes people do hire a DJ without considering the kind and quality of equipment such DJ uses. And you see them complaining that the sound is horrible and they keep on shouting at the DJ. But that isn’t the DJ’s fault, it’s theirs. Before getting a DJ to play for you on your wedding occasion, take cognizance of the quality of instrument that he is going to use. If possible see those equipment yourself and rate it. If the instrument he uses is the one you can find in a local tea shop, then don’t expect to get the best out of it. The quality and made of instrument used in an occasion can go a long way in telling well of that occasion. So if you don’t want to have bored and sad crowd, look into this aspect critically.

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