A Nigerian slave sells for N145,000 in Libya, Europe - NAIJATWIST

A Nigerian slave sells for N145,000 in Libya, Europe

Between 25 and 50 million people were said to have become victims of human trafficking, crossing borders from Asia, Africa into Europe. Many after months of trekking across the desert to the continental boundary of North Africa, embarked on deeper journey into the unknown, risking their lives to migrate into Europe through the Mediterranean Sea which has become death trap for many migrants. Some survival who were lucky in rescue operations by European security operatives subsequently become victims of slave trade.

It was gathered that in North Africa, Libya now has a big market for slave trade. Libya now generate internal revenue through human trading of thousands of people who are desperate to arrive Libya’s coast en route Europe through the Mediterranean Sea into Italy, Spain, etc.

Libya has been the gateway for people attempting to reach Europe by sea, with over 150,000 people struggling daily to cross the sea border in the past three years.

The refugees are usually from several African countries and they say they have fled war, poverty, and unemployment in their countries. It is sad that Nigerians are caught in this web as well.

Recently, 26 Nigerian women were identified to have on their way to cross the Mediterranean Sea. Many Nigerian citizens are sexually abused by citizens of their host countries, while others are sold into slavery. It was gathered that a Nigerian slave is sold at the cost of N145,000.