How To Improve Your Friendship With People

Have you ever looked at yourself and come to the conclusion that you can never be a good friend? Is there an inferiority complex inside of you that keeps telling you that you can never make a great companion to people? Then, you do need to come out of that silly lie because the truth is that anyone can make a great friend. You can be want you want to be if only you truly desire it.

This article today on The Harry Scope Blog will guide you into been a good companion and friend to people

Being a decent companion is an expertise we can learn and enhance. Here are eight key approaches that you can follow to be a superior companion.

1.       Like Yourself First

The initial phase in having a decent association with companions is to have a decent association with yourself.

When you truly like yourself, then you turn out to be more appealing to other individuals. You have more to offer others since you are not always centered on your own picture. You turn out to be better a companion since you don't stick. To be a better and a loving friend, first and foremost, like yourself.

When you are sad and angry within you, people will notice and wouldn’t want to get close to you and you, you won’t have that brightness of face to approach people.

2.       Choose Admirably

To get connected with genuine friend might take some kind of relentless time and vitality. You need to recognize and identify the kind of companions with whom you wish to make a nearer bond of friendship with. If your friends are of the same view with you, then you stand the chance of been a true, reliable and best companion. It is splendidly alright if all the majority of your colleagues do not make the list of your friends. Not everyone can be your friend and not everyone will.

It is better to have just few friends who I can go alone well with than hundreds of friends that won’t bring out the best in me.

3.       Carve Out Some Time

If you spend quality time on something, the more positive result you get out of it. If you want to become a great companion be to the female or male gender, then you need to make out some quality time with them.

My real friends are the ones who always visit from time to time, call me on phone and sometimes text to know how am doing. Making out time for friends also shows how caring you are. Cut out some quality time for each other.

4.       Make the principal move

In most cases, friends do not coming running up to you. You need to go out to them. While some are kind of shy or fearful to meet with friends out there, you put your dread of dismissal aside and begin taking the bull by the horn. You can welcome your companions to lunch. Sort out another playgroup where you all can meet. You can take them to the gym to get some physical fitness exercise together.

Time after time, we neglect to catch up with our companions and know how they are fairing which in most cases tell how poor we are in terms of keeping to friendship. Try not to pass up a great opportunity, for example, you’ve not seen your friends for quiet some time now, simply make the primary telephone call or go visiting them in their homes. This will tell a great deal of how best your friendship is.

5.       There is just one Rule

Yes, there is just one rule that governs friendship and that is the Golden Rule. Am sure you know what it talks about, “do unto others what you want them to do to you”

Regard your companions as you wish also to be regarded. To have a friend, you also need to be one.

Concentrate more on the growth of your friendship; be interested in it than been interesting. Be eager to help in times of need and be lively as well. Abstain from unnecessary gossips and criticizing. It won’t tell well in the long run.

So, to be a great companion, just maintain the principle of the Golden Rule and see how sweet your friendship becomes.

6.       Small Deeds Matter

To some it doesn’t matter, but to me it does. The kindness a friend shows to me whether big or small, it matters a lot to me. How about you?

Your friendship with people forges ahead if you are able to recall and appreciate little kindness from your friends. Make your companions feel critical by recalling little kindnesses.  Send blooms or a straightforward email or text to show that you value their support.

If you are unappreciative, your friends won’t value you because you have not valued them or what they did.

Small deeds really matter and if you can understand this, the better for you and your friendship.

7.       Pay Attention

These days, it’s very rare to find good listeners, everyone want to let their voice out which isn’t good for any friendship or relationship if you can sharpen your abilities in listening, then you sure do stand a better chance of having a long term friendship.

I will share with you briefly on how you can sharpen your listening skills in other to achieve great friendship with him/her

·         Slow down

Make an effort not to complete your companion's sentences. In the event that you discover yourself trying to speak while your companion is yet talking, quickly remind yourself to concentrate on him/her.

·         Show him/ her you are tuning in

Keep up with eye contact as he/she speaks. Offer gestures and mumbles that demonstrate you comprehend her perspective. Doing this shows that you are following in what he/she is saying.

·         Minimize diversions

Anything that will get your attention divided as he/she speaks, avoid it. Getting distracted will get you only giving silly advice or asking foolish questions at the end.

·         Ask questions

As the conversation is going on, be reserving your questions. This shows that everything he/she has said did not just land in a deaf ear.

·         Be cautious with counsel

 The kind of advice you give at the end of the speech shows the level of listening you put during the discussion, so be careful when giving advice.

8.       Be Steadfast

We as a whole need somebody to be there always for us. On the off chance that your companion isn't there to safeguard himself/ herself against some kind of debate or argument, you can boldly speak up on behalf of your friend. This shows how reliable and committed you are in keeping friendship.

Friendship doesn’t just lie in the mouth; it also lies in our actions and deeds. What have you done and you are doing to maintain good friendship with people? Do let me hear from you via the comment box.

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