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How To Successfully Plan A Blissful Cheap Wedding

There's no doubt about the fact that weddings can be most times expensive. But the truth here is, can average couples afford marriage expenses when they are just newly getting married. If you are rich enough, you can make a big and expensive wedding but if otherwise, you need to learn how you can manage the available resources at hand. It is not all about getting married and getting to the altar, the married life comes to play after all the ceremonial activities and all that. Now if after spending all your resources to fund a wedding, what then becomes of you both when you get back home? Couples do need to plan and work on the plans critically so as not to get stranded after the marriage.

Some couples would say, ‘but we are going to have donations and gifts from friends, so lets spend it to the last’. Yes donations and gifts are expected to come, but what happens if the ones that came aren’t enough to carry you? Am sure you wouldn’t go out to start begging your neighbors and friends. It would be foolish on both couples if they aren’t also thinking about the future.

Marriage I know is a one time remarkable event in everyone’s life, but we also need to know that been in the marriage is very important than the ceremonial stuffs. Your friends and families and well-wishers would all come to your wedding, but after that, do they still come to know how you are fairing? The answer is No.

Today on The Harry Scope blog, I will be showing to you how you can successfully plan a cheap wedding ceremony and save more for future expenses. Note! Planning a cheap wedding ceremony doesn’t imply that your wedding won’t be filled with fun and bliss or that you are just too poor. No, it means that the future of your marriage really matters much than the ceremonial activity of the present. You know why, you can’t feed the whole nation and then come back home looking for what to eat. Planning cheap wedding shows that you are as wise as the ant that stores food for the future.  

So, if your budget cannot really cater for the most expensive custom-made gown, elegant invitation cards, or the top photographers, that doesn't mean that your wedding won’t be unique or special.

Here are a few tips I would like to share to you on how you can attain the height of a blissful wedding without having to spend all your fortunes.

Wedding Gowns

It’s good to wear the best and expensive wedding gown in town, but do you know you can save more taking another alternative? Why not go for a second-hand wedding gown in other to slice out the expenses of a new one. The second-hand made could not be as what others use but because you are wise and future-thinking, you need to improvise that. All you just have to do, is buy some make-up for the gown and save more for the future.

The Reception Hall

This aspect is always quiet expensive. Most of the owners of these reception halls don’t care if you are new couples or not, they are just after the money they can get from you. But to minimize spending much on this aspect, take keen note of the number of visitors that would be coming to the wedding. Try as much as you can to limit the number of your invitees. If the number of visitors coming would be much, that would demand a large reception hall which will cost extra money going into it. But if they are few visitors, the expense on hall won’t that be heavy on you. You don’t need to invite the whole world to the wedding, just plan right and invite few important guests.



Most photographers do charge much for their services. You can shop around to get a suitable rate. If there isn’t anyone that goes down well with you, then you need to improvise another means. You can implore the service of a family member to help take pictures at the reception while a photographer takes that in the church service or vice-versa.

Invitation Cards

You may think this isn’t important until you meet a graphic designer who would charge you much just to design a wedding card or calendar for you only and not even the printing aspect. But this is what you can probably do on your own and take it to the printing press who prints them out. You can make use of some software like Corel-Draw, Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop to get a well suitable design of your choice without having to consult a graphic designer to do the work for you. Just grab your laptop and little by little, you’d make our some meaning designs which you and your spouse can select.

If you don’t know how to make use of those soft wares to design, you can learn them before the wedding plans, as this will help reduce much expense.  


Your wedding can be expensive if you want it to and it can also be less expensive if you also want it to. What is your choice now? To spend all on a day wedding event and then come back home with nothing to move on or to be wise to reserve some for future occurrence.

Please let me know your thoughts on this.

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