Relationship These Days-Dating or Prostitution?

Many people lack the meaning of relationship and that’s why some of them are living a life of Delaytionship.The funny part of it is, ‘its nothing goes for nothing stuff’ where the lady dates him and submits her body to him, then he in return provides for her financially. This is what is in vogue now were the girl performs her so called duty and the guy does his.

Now tell me, who is a prostitute? A prostitute is a female who sleeps with men for a living. So tell me what differentiates her from a prostitute? The most funny part of it is some ladies don't realize this, they feel sex is what keeps a relationship strong, because they have been blinded by the fact that the guy have to get used to their body or they should be good in bed, these are pure LIES! They are only using you as a lab rat, and if you yield to this belief of sex being a screw that makes a relationship tight and strong, you have only made the so called guy believe you are the good in bed type and not the marriage type. In case you don’t know, guys are very smart when it comes to marriage, which many girls do not know! Ladies here are some words of advice for you to change your mentality:

Have Self Worth

Do not make who you are dating your source of income. Do not depend on him for money. Show him you are not dating his money but him and show him you can do without his money. If you don't ask for his money, he won't ask you for sex. I am not saying don't ask but let your asking be once in a while, when you do it once in a while he will over respect you by giving you more than you even asked of.

Never cry over a guy or your boyfriend should they break your heart

This has led many girls taking their lives, he is not worth your tears and by the way you are not married to him.

Never show a Guy you are madly in love with him

Once you show him that, he will see that as your weak point and use this weak point to take advantage of you. By cheating on you because he knows you are the crazy-in-love girl that will surely come back to him. Be wise!!

Know when your boyfriend only wants to use you as his sex toy

Does he always try to want to use strategic means to sleep with you? Does he always try to romance you even when you two are on a normal conversation? And when you resist him does he get angry at you? If so, he doesn’t love you.  He just wants to use you to flex his muscle. If he loves you he will respect your opinion by stopping his "annoying romantic attempt" when you say no.

Do not fight with a fellow girl over a guy or your boyfriend

My dear if he is for you, he's for you. Real men are too expensive to be taken and secured to be stolen.

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