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5 Best Tips to Lose Your Weight

Although having more weight is not the very big disease but it’s an issue, due to many people so much worried. Everyone wants to be looking good, healthy and smart. So, for this reason, people tries their best to lose their weight for looking good and beautiful. Smart body no doubt is a beautiful body, especially for women. And I believe that there are only two ways to lose the weight. The 1st is exercise and the 2nd is a healthy diet. Now the question is that what is the healthy diet.  Here in this article, I will tell you about healthy diet and some home remedies that will help you to loose your weight fastly. If you will use these eating tips and getting some exercise then you can speed up the process of losing weight.

Before starting the process of losing weight you must have some knowledge about your weight that you have dropped the pounds. Fat is a stored energy in your body. But calories are the basic unit of your diet that is used to measure the potential of energy in the form of fats, carbohydrates, and proteins.

The fat that is stored in your body will be converted into energy through chemical processes, and extra energy that you do not need will be the loss. To lose weight, you must have to expend more and more energy than you take in through too much exercise. When you will loose energy than you take in your fat cells will be shrink and as a result, you can drop your weight. But the important thing is that this process can vary from person to person.

  1. Cinnamon Tea

A blood sugar of your body is the main thing that effects on your weight because of its manage that how much you are hungry or not. So if your blood sugar will be controls than you can easily manage your food by eating less and according to your body need. It is studied by scientist that cinnamon helps to control and balance the blood sugar. So why you can’t use this as your home remedy. You need just three things to make this tea.

  • 1 teaspoon of ground cinnamon

  • Cinnamon stick

  • 8 ounce of fresh water

Place the cinnamon in 8 ounces of boiling water and then cover it. Steep it till 15    minutes before straining. Drink this tea 2 times a day.

  1. Green Tea & Ginger

 Green is no doubt a beautiful natural thing that can be used for many purposes. It’s a healthy drink that most people take it after eating heavy food. Some studies explain that green tea has basically 3 main ingredients that are theanine, catechins, and weight-caffeine. Caffeine is used to boost your system and speed the bodily processes, and also control the metabolism.

It also consists of anti-oxidant flavonoids more than black tea. Theanine is basically an amino acid that is used to encourage the release of dopamine, if you eating more in a case of tension then this tea will be helpful for you. If you will add the ginger juice in green tea then it will improve your digestion system.

For making this tea you would  need these things

  • ½ inch fresh ginger root chopped

  • One teaspoon of green tea

  • 8-ounce fresh water

  • Organic honey

Take 8 ounces of boiling water and place ginger, green tea and then cover it for 3 to 4 minutes. Now stir one teaspoon of honey in this mixture. Take this tea 1 to 2 cups daily.

  1. Rose Petal Water

Rose petal water consist of diuretics. Juristic helps to put more sodium in your kidneys into the urine. This salt comes from your blood. Due to this water would be decreased in our blood. But it’s not any permanent solution.

You will need these things for making this remedy.

  • Fresh or dried rose petals

  • Distilled water

  • A bowl with tightly fitted lid

Place all these things in the distilled water and boiled. Cover this with tightly fitted lid. Now boil it from 15 to 20 minutes until rose petals will loose their color. Drink the ½ cup every morning.

  1. Chewing Gum

Chewing gum is a great trick for your brain for thinking. You can get more than it is. It reduces the appetite. By chewing gum, there is more saliva made in our mouth that helps to break down the starches and fats. For this remedy, you just need one sugar-free chewing gum.

Try it whenever you want.

  1. Black Pepper and Lemon Juice

The concoction contains black pepper and lemon juice that is used for making the drink. This juice helps you in your weight loss battle. Black pepper basically contains the chemical compound that’s called piperine, that gives it pungent flavor. The recent study says that piperine can control the generation of fat cells and can also reduce the fat level in your blood stream. Lemon juice helps in the digestion system. To make this remedy you just need these three things,

  • Several sprinkles of freshly ground black pepper

  • Half teaspoon lemon juice

  • Freshwater

Now mix black pepper and lemon juice into water and drink daily after a meal.