A Simple Step to Reconnect Intimacy after an Argument - NAIJATWIST A Simple Step to Reconnect Intimacy after an Argument | NAIJATWIST A Simple Step to Reconnect Intimacy after an Argument - NAIJATWIST
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A Simple Step to Reconnect Intimacy after an Argument

Every relationship does not go smooth throughout its journey, there are still some port-holes that if both partner fails to drive carefully would lead to emotional accident and eventual separation.

Your relationship might have been disconnected in a fight or it could just be a legal separation, you can still reconnect back your love for each other.

Most partners who had once had once had a clash really want to get back together.

Let’s look at it this way. Your electric bulb stops lighting and you decided to check what is wrong. And you found out that one of the wires has been disconnected.

What would you do? Connect it back.

That’s how it is. The love is there but has been disconnected; there is no flow of current to light up the love.

Would you sit and watch your heart bleeding as a result of emotional accident?

Would you sit and watch your partner bleeding as well?

Your journey can still continue if only you can take a step- a little step can heal all the wounded hearts and light up your love once more.

Before I talk about the little step, do you know that love is built like a tower? You start from the ground and gradually you keep going and going till it gets to a desired level; learn to build your love step by step and if it has been disconnected, gradually connect it back, don’t just rush over it to avoid disaster.

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Regardless of the disconnections in our relationship, we still have to look for ways to get back the intimacy and love that was once burning.

And that brings me to the little step which is communication.

‘Funny’ you might say. But most relationship has no strong communication. This is a solid foundation that can carry your relationship far and high.

You can’t just jump back into relationship that has long been disconnected without understanding what communication is.

You should be able to communicate well and effective with your partner even when there is a clash.

Communication involves an effective use of words.

To be in a clash with your partner does not mean you both shouldn’t be communicating with each other.

How can you solve a problem if there is no communication? Talk to each other; behave as if nothing had happened.

Where do I start from?

Start from the scratch. You just had a clash with your partner and here you are requesting for sex- it’s wrong. That’s not how to start.

Something like this can be good for a starting.

You: “how was your day”?

Your partner: “it was fine”

During this time of connecting, you might not possibly get the best response from your partner but keep communicating.

As you dine in the evening, you still have to keep communicating.

You: “hope you are enjoying the meal”?

Your partner: “yes, it’s okay”

There is an improvement but it’s still not fully connected as expected and you want it more- you need it to keep flowing.

So what do you do? Keep communicating and you might decide to put different questions so as to get an answer.

Just follow this step to reconnect back the intimacy. Give and adequate response to your partner and don’t let the communication die.

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