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Become a better boyfriend with these tips

Most boys complain that they are finding it hard to get a girlfriend. And some, who in one time had been into a relationship, complains of not been able to retain their girlfriends. Every girl deserves someone who they can really be with and have strong intimacy together.

Boys keep looking for girlfriends and are been turned down by those girls. Why is this so? As a boy, to get a girl, it all lowers down to your attractiveness, qualities and potentialities. I know it’s not possible to be a perfect boyfriend but you can still be an ideal person that every girl desires.

As a boy, you have been through different relationship with different girls and no one seems to have lasted long, now it’s time to check yourself and follow these tips I will show to you.

1.      Be Specific:

A boy who is indecisive and unspecific can probably not make a good boyfriend. Indecisiveness is not a good trait at all for a ‘would be’ boyfriend. For example, you approached a girl and in front of her you keep panting for words to say to her. You are not sure if you really want her as a girlfriend or just casual friend. And there you are in front of the girl saying thousands of words that gets the girl confused.

If you want her for a relationship, go straight to the point and let her know. There is every tendency that she might turn down your request but she will forever respect you as a man who knows what he truly wants in a woman.

To be a desired boyfriend, know what you want and be plain with it.

2.      Be Sure of Yourself:

Most boys don’t really know what they can do and what they cannot do. As a boy, learn to attach importance to yourself, don’t limit worth before a girl so she won’t feel she is going to have an unworthy boyfriend.

A man who is sure and confident of himself quickly gets attracted to the opposite sex.

3.      Appear neat and gentle:

Most boys have the belief that the ‘gentleman’ stuff is old fashioned and does not rhyme with today’s world. This notion is wrong. Out of every boy that comes a girl’s way, she prefers to go for the one that appears neat and gentle-girls love that. Appearing gentle melts the heart of a girl and she sees you to be someone who is responsible.

4.      Don’t talk of sex:

About 70 percent of boys get this wrong. You’ve become her boyfriend and on the first date, you are talking about sex and even demanding for it. For you to be truly desired by a girl, don’t expect to lay with her not even on the second date.

You should wait for her until her love for you is strong and until the time is ripe to do so.

If you’ve made up your mind to have a long-lasting relationship as a man, patiently wait for the woman and respect her dignity and pride.

By so doing, it shows that sex is not your utmost intention and I tell you, she will love you dearly and reserve the whole of her body just for you. Remember that a patient dog will surely eat the fattest bone.

5.      Be serious:

Most relationship fails because most boys play around. How do you expect your relationship to last when you are having fun with other girls outside? It shows you are not serious with your girlfriend.

Girls truly desire to have boys that can be serious with them and the relationship

6.      Show Compassion:

I met a girl who was narrating her ordeals to me and what she had been passing throughAnd I asked the girl “does your boyfriend know all these?” she tries skipping that question but I pressed further, listen to her response, “even if he knows, he never cares”.

It’s painful, it’s touching. And as a boy how do you feel when your girlfriend complains to other boys about her problems? To me, I feel the other boys are better than I am: and I don’t like it.

For your relationship to last long and for your girlfriend to truly desire you with the whole of her heart, learn to care for her, be compassionate, and be around her in times of distress, share in her personal problems and even her family problems.

Doing this, boost her confidence, trust and love for you.

7.      Be honest:

Most boys pretend to be what they are not and that would lead the relationship nowhere. Be yourself from the start to the end and that is what every girl desires in a man.

8.      Be generous:

Generosity does not only apply to money and buying of gifts but also giving her your time, love and affection. Make out time for your girlfriend, take her out on a date and show all your generosity to her. Girls truly desire a boyfriend that can be generous to them.

9.      Be reliable:

Most girls complains when their boyfriends does not show up at a particular time. If she has called you to show up on a certain time, do well not to miss it. Little things you should know matters in a relationship and she loves it when you are consistent and reliable.

10.    Show your interest:

I know that two different persons cannot definitely have the same interest. But to keep your relationship strong and going, show interest in her job, hobbies and every other thing.

I have said much but let me add this-

11.   Be serious with your future:

I know you want your girlfriend to fully desire you but are you the type that doesn’t have a goal or future plans? If you are, then your relationship might just end suddenly.

Every girl wants a boyfriend that in the near future can adequately support himself and the family as well.

Be a boyfriend that has a future plan, let your girlfriend know of it and she would be happy supporting you all the way.

I know there are more to it and if I have skipped any one, kindly share using the comment box.

If you have read this article, thanks to you but do well to apply all these to your life and believe me you won’t have a broken relationship.

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