Dorcas Shola Fapson: Adekunle Gold Deletes Previous Tweet & Updates New One

You all can remember Adekunle Gold Tweeted about the incident involving the Taxify Driver and the Sugar actress, he has deleted the tweet and replaced it with another.

This is what he just tweeted:
“You people, I didn’t say nothing wrong or judge anyone. What I said was; people should be able to narrate their ordeal without getting bashed. Be easy and have an amazing day. Bless”

Previous tweet:
“When someone narrates their ordeal these days, they get bashed and judged and you wonder why people don’t speak up when they are in trouble? I am reading comments on a blog; people abusing Dorcas for making the story up, other animals saying she’s proly dressed indecently. SMH
What happened to us really?”

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