Football Lovers! Okocha Or Ronaldinho, Who Did You Miss More?

Hi Guys,

Hope you are all doing good at your various end.

This post is not created to cause any issue amidst we footballs lovers, but I just want u guys to help me with something.

Actually, my main question for today is Between Okocha And Ronaldinho, Who Do You Miss More?

It’s unarguably the two football legends are very skillful and creative during there days. They are both entertainers on the pitch

Well am a big fan of Barcelona, so definitely I will choose Ronaldinho over Jay Jay Okocha, but recently I was surfing the internet and I saw a clip of Jay Jay Okochadribbling skills that amazed me. Mehn!! The guy is a wizard

And since the super eagle’s legend has retired we have not discovered another talented player like him in the country.


Watch Okocho’s Highlights:

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