Meeting an online date for the first time? Here are what to avoid - NAIJATWIST Meeting an online date for the first time? Here are what to avoid | NAIJATWIST Meeting an online date for the first time? Here are what to avoid - NAIJATWIST
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Meeting an online date for the first time? Here are what to avoid

The paste at which the world of internet is moving is quite remarkable. The internet has long been of help to humanity at large. 

And you would definitely agree with me that the internet is helping a lot in relationships which has often led to both parties getting married.

What am I saying here? Online dating.

Most dating sites in the world today have connected two different sexes into having a long-lasting relationship.

Most women are aware of this and they see it as an opportunity to get hooked up to someone that could possibly be their future partner.

There are some mistakes a lot of women make whenever they have a meeting with their new found lover online and these mistakes often lead to broken relationship and fixing it may not be that easy but there is a tip i shared here.

Though, most of these dating sites profess to give an accurate match. But how true is it? Humans are quite different in taste.

As a woman, you met this man online and all the while, you both have been in good terms. The love continues online and you just have this feeling that this man is true. And your happiest day in life came when he has asked to meet with you.

Am sure you might be contemplating on how to comport yourself when he comes. And the first thing on your mind is how to make that day enjoyable-  you don’t want to blow it away and let that nice man walk out of your life as a result of one or two silly mistakes.

There are things you ought to avoid on that first date if you want him to keep coming back for you.

1.      Reveal little

A first date ought to be short but romantic one. If you are meeting with your man for the first time, don’t begin to narrate all your life history to him. It’s boring. The first date should be a time to get acquainted with each other. Every other discussion should wait as the relationship progresses.

2.      Don’t be too quiet

Most women on a date leave most of the talking for the man to do. It’s not fair. To be a good listener does not mean the man should keep talking and talking. If you let the man do the talking alone, the date becomes boring. But if you are able to keep a balance in your listening and talking, then it will be fun throughout.

3.      Don’t be interrogative

On a first date, it’s good to ask the man questions but let it be limited. Your date should not be packed up with questions but sharing your thoughts and feelings for each other. Allow your date to flow smoothly and don’t bring up questions that would get your man choked up.

4.      Avoid comparison

Men hate it when you try to compare them with your ex. You have found a new lover; he is different from your ex. So why do you want to spoil the fun by comparing him with your ex?

Don’t make your man think that you still have emotional feelings for your ex.

5.      Avoid ‘I too know’

If your man is sharing his life experience with you or narrating his failures, listen and don’t be too fast to speak.

Sure, there could be some advice you might want to render but don’t speak it out until he has asked for your opinions. Don’t show you are wiser than him, which makes him looks stupid and indecisive.


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