See The Fastest Way to Lighten the Skin Naturally

Tomato is an edible fruit perfect for lightening and brightening the skin.

It is used a lot in facial masks as it’s an astringent and comes with a soothing/cooling effect and effectively clears and tighten the skin. So for people plagued with acne scars and discolorations.

It’s also great for closing up/shrinking large pores, clearing the skin, lightening dark patches!

Tomatoes are great when it comes to skin care. If you want a clearer, baby soft skin without any side effect, try out this easy home remedy using tomatoes.

Things you need:

Tomato Juice

Baking Soda


How to:

1. Pour tomato juice into a clean bowl

2. Add honey and baking soda to the tomato juice

3. Mix all the ingredients together properly


Wash/cleanse the face thoroughly

Apply the paste to cleansed skin using cotton balls

Leave this on for about 10-15 minutes

Wash off the face with water

Apply non-comedogenic moisturizer as per usual

For faster results, do this more than once a week.

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