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Sexless Marriage? Here is what to do

At the beginning of most marriages, couples hold each other as many times as possible, the love is ‘kicking’ and the urge for sex is there.

Sex is very important whether in a short-term relationship or long-term relationship. It keeps the couples together and helps them stay connected both emotionally and physically.

Now, a marriage whereby the couples rarely have sex or none at all, what becomes of that marriage?

A sexless marriage is defined as a 
marriage where the couples have little or no sexual activities at all.

The absence of sex in a marriage is not bad if both couples have decided but a situation whereby the urge is there, and still no sex and either of the spouse feels unloved-it’s bad.

Is your marriage sexless and your marital life is no longer sweet as a result of some prevailing circumstances? Here is what to do.

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1.      Know and address the problem:

When there is no sex, couples become susceptible of extra-marital affairs. Some reports have it that it is good for couples to have sex once every week, and you take a look at your marriage life and the sex is no longer there. From days to weeks and it continues, no sex-address the problem.

The longer it takes to solve the problem, the more challenging it will be to remedy the situation.

2.      Assist each other to get back to sex:

If you really want to fix your sexless marriage, be open about it, talk about sex in your bedroom. Cuddle sexually around each other. Be free to pour out your emotions.

You can take a day off, send the kids to closer relatives or grandparents and you can also go on vacation.

Talk about each other in a more romantic way.

3.      Make a plan for sex:

I can say that about 80 percentages of married couples do not care to include sex when making their plans. It’s wrong. You plan for this, you plan for that and then you are always pre-occupied with plans and no sex included. How do you expect your sex life to grow when you don’t have time for it?

If you truly desire a healthy sex life in your marriage, then you must really put in your time for it.

If sex is already in your plans, be committed to it and be faithful.

4.      Make a sweet  request:

Is your partner not giving you sex, don’t complain. Complaining would worsen the situation and nobody wants to have sex with someone who complains a lot.

Are you sexually neglected? Make a sweet and emotional request that could melt the heart of your partner.

You can also drop a note for your spouse expressing your love and desire to have sex with him or her.

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5.      Self-Examination:

Look carefully into your marriage and see why it’s sexless. Maybe you don’t have the urge again for it or the interest is no longer there.

Some cases it might be a psychological problem that can be addressed or a physical problem that needs the attention of a doctor.

6.      Continue the night date:

Most couples after marriage no longer go on night dates. If you want to mend your sexless marriage, start outside the bedroom.

Continue the night date you usually did when you were not married. Don’t think you are married now and so no need of that.

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During night dates, you can share your feelings and thoughts about each other and from that romantic date that looks less important, you will end up in bed.

Is your marriage sexless, go now and fix it and don’t forget to use the comment box.

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