Whiten Your Teeth with Charcoal Quickly and Safely

Teeth are an important part of our face, in particular for the ladies of course teeth become more attention regarding treatment. Also, to indicate the level of health of a person, the tooth is also one important factor will be the beauty of a woman.

Clean white teeth with teeth shiny email, of course, be yearning for everyone either man or woman. For that's the man from doing a wide variety of ways to the health of the teeth. And this time we will discuss on how to whiten teeth with charcoal quickly and safely.
The Materials Used to Whiten Teeth :

- Coconut Charcoal
- Toothpaste

How to Make a Tooth Whitener with Charcoal :

Coconut charcoal is pounded until fine and in stirring using a sieve. And going with charcoal powder form similar to a grain of dust but the size is tiny.

Then coconut charcoal powder in the mix without water and toothpaste with 2:1 comparison. Then combine all until everything is evenly mixed. Save this dough in a sealed container and can be used several times.

How to Use Charcoal to Whiten Teeth :

Apply the mixture all the ingredients that have made earlier with a toothbrush
Moisten with a little water and then use it to brush your teeth as usual
Rubs the teeth properly for two minutes
Then gargle to clean up the rest of the toothpaste
Brush your teeth again without using toothpaste to clean the rest of the earlier charcoal still exist in The oral cavity. And finish.

As is known, does have chemical properties of charcoal to make the charcoal into a base. Alkaline levels on charcoal are of course beneficial in the process of cleaning the teeth. On a certain level of bases can be harmful to our bodies.

But the levels of charcoal in the base are still at levels that are very safe for the human body. For that charcoal can be used as an alternative way to whiten teeth quickly.

The powdered charcoal filter we've shaped fine grain, it is also very conducive to whiten teeth safely due to the abrasive nature of the alias paper similar to sandpaper but very smooth and safe.

How to clean teeth with charcoal has also been known since the days of yore. But the ancients our ancestors certainly do not yet know why the coal can be used to whiten teeth. All this and good luck!

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