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Would I Be Wrong To End This Relationship?

Dear Dan,

I really need matured advise on why I should keep this relationship. I met this lady while I was at my previous place of work (please note that we never worked for the same company), and we started by being friends at first. Our friendship became so strong that along the way, it led to a relationship.

We have been dating for approximately four months now without any problem, but I have been noticing some things of late whenever she comes over to my place. I observed she is always glued to her phone chatting.

I see that she almost forgot I was beside her most of the time, but I never felt pissed because I sensed she’s chatting with her friends and I don’t want to appear nosy.

I got the shock of my life when I picked up her phone last week to check for some of her pictures I could transfer to my phone, I saw pictures of a man’s DICK.

I asked her what those pictures were doing on her phone, she only dismissed it with laughter, saying “it’s a silly male friend” that sent them to her via WhatsApp and she thought she has deleted them.

I have never in my life carried a girlfriend’s phone with any intention of checking for proof of infidelity, but what happened that day led me to begin searching her WhatsApp chat logs to see who this “silly friend”, but I’m surprised I couldn’t find it at first, but being an hacker that I am, I discovered she always hides her conversations with this guy in archives.

While scrolling through her chats with the guy in question, I discovered he is married with kids, most of his chats with her have always been about his sexual adventure with various women, the chat conversation negates her assertion that she rebuked him for sending her his nudes, but rather, all I could see was her lolz.

One of the things that pained me about the girl in question is that this married guy had been the one advising her never to have sex with me until we are married.

He also told her he’d give her a Love Machine whenever she needs sex and also to get a guy that she could have a no strings attached sexual relationship with (don’t forget he has always been boasting about his sexual prowess).

I love this girl and wants to marry her, but I don’t want to end up having a broken home (this is why I went for someone in her 30s whom I believe to be matured).

Kindly advise if you think their is something I could do without breaking this relationship.

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