Young Canada-Based Nigerian Recounts Her Racism Experiences

A Canada-based Nigerian Ugochi V. Ukah, took to Instagram to recount her rcaism experiences in the country.

While sharing her story, Ugochi, urged that people love themselves as this is what will end racism.

She wrote;

Today, 2 people exited the train so I sat on one of the seats and but nobody came to sit on the other empty seat next to me for quite a while. Instead they continued to stand as they got on the train. This has happened to me frequently where no one sat next to me (except friends) even when the bus was full or the seat would be the last to be taken. I never really thought anything about it, well because I’d just let my bag sit on the empty chair, until recently a friend pointed out to me that many people don’t like to sit next to black people.

Then I remembered when my mum and I sat on the bus 1 day and the lady next to her stood up and no, she was not about to get off; she just suddenly preferred to stand for the rest of her journey. It’s a bit discouraging to see how much we still have to learn as a people but hopefully one day we will get there 1 day and I pray it happens sooner than later so that our children can experience much better. Until then, education and love will remain key and my bag or umbrella can enjoy their own space 😋

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