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Five virtues men admire in a lady

Here’s a list of five virtues men admire in a lady

1. Belief/ faith
Men like ladies with strong faith in God, ladies who have d fear of God. Some men see it as a way to be safe, when your woman is a strong believer, it makes d Man conscious and aware of d fact dat he also needs to get closer to God and also τ̅☺ check his lifest
2. Behaviour/ character
A very very important virtue a lady must possess, personally a lady that lacks this virtue turns me off, no mata ​♓☺w beautiful she is. A lady with a good behaviour respects her man, d man is always right, keeps quiet when he is talking and waits till he has finished talking b4 she have her say, she’s not rude, not d nagging type and she’s very hardworking. Over 90% Men wants a lady wif dis virtue.
3. Beauty.
Almost every Man likes a beautiful lady. Beauty has different definition; we have †ђξ inner beauty and †ђξ outward beauty. †ђξ inner beauty is d beauty from within, a lady dat is clean and not defiled, a lady dat is not lustful in nature aπϑ kips her body 4 d rightful owner while d outward beauty is d physical appearance most especially her facial expression. Wicheva way, “Beauty lies in d eyes of d beholder”
4. Brain/ intelligence.
Beauty without Brain is as good as nothing. Men likes smart and intelligent ladies. No Man wants 2 marry a dummy, aldo sum do not like a lady dat is too smart than they are, odas lyk ladies dat dey are on d same par of intelligence while sum lyks ladies dey are smarter dan nd sum lyks d ones dat are smarter than they are.
5. Boldness/ confidence
This is not peculiar to most pple, but research have shown dat men likes a confident lady. A lady dat has courage, defends and protects her Man and children, confident in her children, works, walks and talks with confidence and has nothing 2 fear.
Conclusively, no one is perfect and Ȋ†̥’s almost impossible τ̅☺ have a woman that possess all d above virtues, but number1 and 2 are very important virtues a lady must possess.
As a lady/woman share with us wich of d virtues you possess and as a Man/guy share with us wich virtues you admire/ like. You can also add odas not in d above listed.
Let’s kip Ȋ̝̊̅̄†̥ rolling…

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