JOKES: Akpos daughter is pregnant

daughter:- Dad I am pregnant

Akpos:- You are a disgrace, you are just 19 years old and you are already pregnant

Daughter:- Dad please forgive me

Akpos:- is this suppose to be a joke? you are very funny, get out from my sight before I kill you

Daughter:- Dad please forgive me.

Akpos:- You better go and abort that baby

Daughter:- I can't kill my unborn baby

Akpos:- By the way, who is the bastard that impregnated you?

Daughter:- Dad, Alinko dangote son is responsible for the pregnancy?

Akpos:- Do you really want me to forgive you?

Daughter:-Yes dad

Akpos:- If you want me to forgive you, tell that bastard that you have 3 sisters, he better come and complete his job 

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