Alibaba Speaks His Mind On Dangote’s Daughter’s Lavish Wedding (Read What He Said)

Comedian has come out to defend Nigerian billionaire Aliko Dangote for throwing a lavish wedding for daughter Fatima.

The comedian replied to a comment by an Instagram user, @iamkay_dee, who criticised the lavish, society wedding of Fatima Dangote saying Bill Gates who has spent billions on immunization won’t stage such a big wedding.

Ali Baba was having none of it and bared his mind in a lengthy post.

Read what a Nigerian Man said about the Lavish Wedding below:-

Can you imagine the Nonsense this guy is saying?

Some Nigerians are nothing but a stupid animal.

Enjoy your Money, even if you spend 1m out of your 1 billion, some people will still be pained and they can’t joke with their own 5k.

Then Alibaba saw this and here is what he said:-

Well said Alibaba.

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