Wizkid or Burna Boy – Who Do You Think Is The New King of Afro Beats? - NAIJATWIST Wizkid or Burna Boy – Who Do You Think Is The New King of Afro Beats? | NAIJATWIST Wizkid or Burna Boy – Who Do You Think Is The New King of Afro Beats? - NAIJATWIST
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Wizkid or Burna Boy – Who Do You Think Is The New King of Afro Beats?

Music in Nigeria is so diverse, as there are many genres that so much exist in the industry.

From pop to Hip Hop to dancehall and not forgetting the alternatives. It is so wide that upcoming artistes really have a wide array of options to choose from. There’s the issue of afro-beat also.

Ever since the inventor, Fela Anikulapo Kutidied, there has been a dearth in gap as for who will replace him. We’ve had numerous artistes coming on board who have invented a style similar to that genre.

One of such was Ayefele who had the Afro juju style. However, not until 2013 when Wizkid sang Jaiye Jaiye that people began to compare him to Fela.

Oritsefemi came with Double WahalaSean Tizzle came with Eruku Saye Po, all having a similitude to that Afro beat Fela creates.

Burna Boy came on board as well. But the two artistes who have continued to reign as the top two kings are Wizkid and Burna Boy.

Ever since Jaiye Jaiye in 2013, majority of Wizkid’s collaborations and singles have been purely afro-beat or a little feel of it.

Burna on the other hand, stuck close to the basic afro beats. The typical afro-beats Fela does, his lyrics has a feel of Fela making it feel as if it was Fela still singing. His lyrics sounds exactly like Fela.

He’s enthusiastic about creating what Fela would love to create. Just like it was Fela that composed it. It’s unlike Wizkid who has modernised his own Afro beat with some urban elements.

Fellow artistes have recognized Afro beats as Wizkid’s area of specialization and have always worked with his producers in working out the exact Afro beat sounds he would like.

CaroExpensive Shit and many records that came after Jaiye Jaiye had a major feel of the Afro beats. Ojuelegba had a little feel of it as it retains the trumpet sounds similar to the one Fela does.

His recent songs, Soco and Manya have all been afro beats. Danceable songs with the Afro beats banging out well in the background. The template for a hit song.

And on often times, Wizkid has always paid homage to Fela as always influencing his music. He has a tattoo of Fela on his arm, his snapchat name is Felaback.

Burna Boy on the other hand keeps exploring and succeeding with the typical afro beats genre. His style is similar to Fela’s as his behaviour, lyrics all sync with Fela’s.

For example, Fela mostly performs shirtless and Burna Boy does the same too. There was a time at Felabration that Burna Boy performed with only pants trying to re-enact Fela who once performed with pants.

However, there can only be one King ruling a kingdom. Only one captain controlling a ship.

If you were to choose between Wizkid and Burna Boy as your new king, who will get your vote?

Wizkid who has created his own Afro beat


Burna Boy who keeps on with the fundamental Fela’s Afro beat?

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