Don’t Let Anyone Distract You From Igbo Presidency 2023 – Northerner Warns Igbos

A Northerner, Muhammad Ajah, took to Yoruba-owned medium, to ask Igbos not to allow anyone distract them from Igbo Presidency 2023.
He said, “My greatest worry is about the Igbo nation and its long thirst to taste the position of the president since the Biafra war, nearly 50 years now. On this note, I use this medium to sound a warning to my people. They must not be deceived by those trying to divert their target in 2023.
“Although it is not good to put one’s eggs in one basket, the Igbo should have learnt their lesson and carefully study the past and present political underpin. They must not allow the political tide throw them far away into the deep sea again.
“I must warn the Igbo to be very conscious of being distracted from the 2023 focus. Shine your eyes, my Igbo people. I rest my case. “

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