What Flavour Did To Troll Who Said He Should Buy A Porsche And Stop Showing Off Six Packs

Flavour claps back at troll who said he should buy a Porsche car instead of coming online to show off his body.
One of his followers with ID leticia_adaku_ wasn’t digging the sex appeal as she asked the singer to go buy his babe a Porsche car instead of displaying his six packs which is no longer in vogue.
Since Davido bought the multi million naira Porsche for his girlfriend on her birthday, many celebrities have been ‘hiding their faces‘.
“Go and buy your baby #Porche, it’s tending…..six packs isn’t in vogue now” she said. An angry Flavour replied by cursing her in the local Igbo parlance. #Porche gbuo gi dia” he said meaning ‘Porsche kill you there’.
Yeah well, not everyone likes to be trolled.

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